Airedale Terrier

Fizz. Otto Fizz.

Fizz.  Otto Fizz.

It’s official.  After starting with a list of 30 (!) potential names for me, and then getting a ton of suggestions from her friends on Facebook, mama had to make a big decision.  What to call a pup like myself?  Luckily she was smart enough to know that she had to actually MEET me first, rather than deciding on a name and then being stuck with it.

This is a big deal.  Your name is what all of your canine comrades will know you as.  What all the humans will hear being yelled down the street as your mama is pulled along by you when you decide to take off after a deer, or a bunny.  What the ones who love you will whisper in awe as you prance by.  Yes, friends, a dog’s name is IMPORTANT.

Plus, I had to follow up mama’s last Airedale, the one and only Bogart Handsome Devil.  Exactly HOW do you follow up an act like that?  I’ve checked out his blog, and wow, he was an amazing, kickass Dale.  He had attitude.  He had adventures.  He had mama wrapped around his little paw.  And that name – it was perfection.

So today we celebrate and officially welcome me as Otto Fizz.  I could be a canine superhero or a supervillain with a name like that.  Me likey.


Otto Fizz