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Holy Shit

Holy Shit

One week.  Seven days.  The trials and tribulations of housebreaking.  Yeah, I’m not completely getting it – exactly why do I have to run outside in the snow to poo?  When I have a nice, toasty, area rug inside?  And sometimes, a lovely weewee pad carefully placed where I have previously indicated (i.e., peed) that I like to go?

So today I decided to throw mama a curveball. Well, a curve-poo.  While running around the back yard, doing my best to grab one of the gloves off of her freezing cold hands, the skies opened, the choirs sang, and I POOPED IN THE YARD.

I’m still working on the mental bit of crapping in the snow.  But yeah, judging by the way that mama started jumping around (imagine this:  a slightly-crazed woman with hair sticking up on one side, coat half-zipped and thrown on over blue flannel counting-sheep pajamas, accessorized with half-on sneakers, fist-pumping the air then yelling, YES YES YES, just before the treat bag comes out and many Charlee Bears are shoved into my gaping maw – yeah, it wasn’t pretty) I done good.

Don’t get used to it. We’ll see if I can do a repeat performance.


Otto Fizz


2 thoughts on “Holy Shit”

  • Darling…first of all hold out for some kosher hot dogs….If you would pee/poop EVERY TIME you saw one, you’d be housebroken in about 75 seconds. Secondly, we’ve found throughout the years, it works better to please mama or in our case Mumsie. She thinks poo, well, frankly SMELLS and pee just makes you keep going and going in one spot and there will be no kosher hot dogs for you. Oh, I suggest you demand the bun, with some ketchup and a large pickle and some fries. Yep, you will have her trained any second now. XXOOO SL&BS

  • Dear Otto
    We are very excited you have started to blog at such a tender age. Trying to fit it in to your busy lifestyle of housetraining, craft work and all the other activities you have launched yourself into is admirable.
    We eagerly await your next post.
    Molly, Monty and Winnie